INSQIN®: Enabling a new era of more sustainable coated textiles

The auto interior, sports and outdoor wear industries place a premium on fabric quality, function and appearance. INSQIN® is the brand created by Covestro to deliver high performance polyurethane coating technology that serves these sectors more sustainably.

Innovative solution for automotive interiors 

Become future-proof with us. Our OEM partners not only benefit from the strong differentiation potential offered by our INSQIN® technology, but also from our 80-year legacy in innovation, and proven track record in the automotive industry. 

Our INSQIN® waterborne PU technology enables flexible, adaptable and durable materials that offer a premium look and feel. These qualities empower performance in even the thinnest layer, while enabling more sustainability and providing inspiration for material applications.

INSQIN®: innovative solution for auto interiors

Excellent performance for sportswear and outdoor gear 

Inspiration is the magic that creates game-changing innovative ideas. To meet the tough challenges in the industry, Covestro has introduced INSQIN® waterborne PU: a new generation of polyurethane (PU) technology for textile performance coatings that can offer breathability, a soft touch and water resistance to fabrics in the sports and outdoor industry. 

Ready for the next hike: INSQIN® technology offers excellent breathability for outdoor fabrics.

INSQIN® PU brings magic to materials through a variety of applications 

INSQIN® PU play an essential role in transforming many of the fabrics that we use every single day. Applied in layers, multi-talented PU offers a pleasing touch and outstanding functionalities through applications such as screen printing, digital printing, coating, dipping and finishing. In addition to auto interiors, sportswear and outdoor apparel, our solution enables customers to produce enhanced-performance technical textile goods such as gloves, yarns, and ropes.  

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Inspired by performance and aspiring to a more circular economy

Produced at state-of-the-art facilities with low VOC impact on the environment, INSQIN® waterborne PU delivers consistent qualities sought by sports and outdoor brand owners and consumers. The technology offers unlimited possibilities in terms of color, pattern, effects and hand feel. It is extremely soft, lightweight, durable and fully washable, and at the same time economical in cost. 

Our material solutions, including partly bio-based alternatives, are an answer to society’ s growing interest in the circular economy. Waterborne PU synthetics, made possible by our INSQIN® technology are safer, cleaner and have a lower carbon footprint than traditional coating technologies. The INSQIN® portfolio includes partly bio-based raw material options that reduce the consumption of finite resources and contribute to more circular economy.

Our accessibility 

The Covestro global textile team maintains a close proximity and accessibility to the coated fabrics supply chain, in order to lead joint development projects and recommend new materials. Our network, consisting of 30 production sites, 8 global plants and 3 innovation hubs across Europe, Asia and the U.S., ensures a stable supply of high quality products, technologies and services around the world. 

Inspiration is the magic that creates innovation. In response to tough environmental challenges in the textile coating industry, Covestro has changed the game with the INSQIN® technologies. These waterborne and partly bio-based or bio-degradable* polyurethane-based fabric coatings and dispersions marry high-performance, durability, soft touch and amazing appearance with enhanced sustainability.

*The product was tested for biodegradability according to the CO2-Evolution Test (OECD Test standard 301) and shows a degradation of above 50% in 28 days.

Torsten Pohl

Head of Global Textile Coatings, Covestro

Key benefits

  • High performance:  INSQIN® waterborne PU coating technologies deliver superb durability, elasticity and flexibility.
  • Premium perceptual quality:  INSQIN® enables a wide range of colors, patterns and a very smooth hand feel.
  • More sustainable:  Low-VOC waterborne coatings consume less water and have lower emissions; partly bio-based and bio-degradable PU contribute to the progress of circular economy.

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