We offer a wide range of high-performance polycarbonate resins and polycarbonate blends with outstanding properties – along with dedicated CAE support to help you simulate and achieve numerous different surface effects, textures and colors.
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EE demonstrator covers showcase IME integration in IoT applications | Covestro

Swappable EE demonstrator covers show how embedded in-mold electronics make devices smaller and more intuitive for users

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Bringing fantastic form and functionality to car interiors 

Specially engineered polycarbonates make it easy to create multi-material car interior surfaces with light and functional components

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Flex your design muscles with vivid 3D and black panel displays

Consumers expect new vehicles’ interiors to be seamlessly designed with hidden black-until-lit surfaces and complex 3D shapes.

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Designing cars from the inside out

Inspired by advanced materials and technologies, designers now have all they need to challenge the status quo in ambient lighting

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