New TPU with superior anti-stain properties for phone cases

Phone cases are frequently damaged by fabric dye and other staining agents. To help manufactures solve the problem, we developed a new stain-resistant class of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) especially for phone case applications: Desmopan® 7092AU.
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People use phone cases to protect their phones on the one hand, and to differentiate their appearance on the other. They want cases that won’t pick up stains from accidental spills or fabric dyes and that will keep looking great over the long term.

Avoidance of stains

Many fabric dyes, e.g. blue denim, have the potential to migrate onto phone case material on prolonged contact. These stains are not easily wiped off and, even when faint, stop cases looking new. 

A new class of TPU that resists fabric dye

ur R&D team explored multiple TPU chemical options to identify the combination that best resists fabric dyes and that has the lowest possible signal blocking tendency. The highly successful result of their efforts was our new Desmopan® 7092AU variant – created especially for use in high end phone case applications.

Why Desmopan® 7092AU is the perfect solution for phone case applications

  • Anti-stain: Resists fabric-dye to keep phone cases looking great.
  • Signal-friendly: Low tendency to affect phone connectivity.
  • Design-versatile: Bonds with substrates such as polycarbonate without need of an adhesive.
  • Ultra-durable: Abrasion-, UV- and chemical-resistance ensure material lasts.
  • Strong: Material offers high mechanical strength and flexibility.

Create a material that keeps phone cases looking good.

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